Saturday, May 26, 2012

Winter must have products

Winter has nearly approached us again. The hot soups, warm socks, rugged up in a blanket on the lounge watching movies. Below are a couple of favourites I cant go without in the colder months.


This stuff is a lifesaver for the lips during the colder weather. Say goodbye to chapped, dry lips and hello to supple pouters. I adore this product and it lasts forever.


There is nothing better in my opionion then on a cold rainy night then to be all rugged up and enjoying a hot bowl of pumpkin soup. Not only is delicious but it is packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins and anitoxidants. Plus it is low in fat which makes this winter meal nearly completely guilt free.


This is a wonder product, completely natural and versatile. It makes a fabulous hair treatment, great makeup remover and if you add a couple of drops of this in your normal moisturiser it will save your skin in Winter. It does not clog pores so even people with sensitive skin can use it.


I am a complete sucker when it comes to Winter fashion and I think every female should own at least one cute winter headgear. Knitted beanies are my favourite. You can keep your head and ears warm while still looking stylish.


One lady can never have enough shoes, and while we are on the topic of fashion, winter boots are an essential. Knee high, ankle boots, suede and leather..... I can not get enough of them. You don't need to spend a small fortune either. I have made quite a few purchases from Cotton On online store for cute, stylish afforadable fashion for your feet.


Chocolate is good at anytime of the year..... but nothing beats a hot chocolate on a cold day :)

What are your Winter must haves or favourite Winter recipies???

Butterfly kisses and chocolate cuddles,
T xx

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